Rapid Service

When the hotel finds an object left behind by a guest, one click is all it takes to start the process of shipping the item or luggage!

Satisfied Customer

The guest receives an email informing them that the item has been found and providing instructions for choosing the best shipping method to receive the package at their preferred location!

Result Achieved

LHOST simplifies the hotel staff's work, optimises timeframes and offers guests a service that continues after the end of their stay. Gain customer loyalty at no cost to you!

How it works

The customer forgets an object
Enter the customer's details in the LOGIN area
We contact the customer
The customer pays for the shipments
We come to the hotel to take the parcel you have prepared
We ship the parcel

Yes, there are no fees for subscribing to the service.

The shipping costs are charged to the owner of the forgotten item, who will pay LHost when they approve the shipment.

To complete the registration process you must fill in the form below by entering your name and a valid email address, and then follow the guided procedure. At the end, you will receive an email confirming the registration and you can start using LHost right away by accessing the LOGIN area with your details.

All around the world! You will be able to return your guests' lost items to anywhere in the world, and they will choose the destination themselves.

If you still have doubts, download our miniguide and the FAQ in pdf format!

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